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Patient Testimonials

  • I have so many good things to say about Dr. Seth. Right from the get go I could tell he is very passionate about the work he does. He tells you all about what he's doing, why he's doing it and how it'll help. I was nervous for my first adjustment, but he was very patient and calming. He did a great job following up with me, and answering any questions I had. He is excellent at his job and I highly recommend him for your chiropractic needs.

    - Shabnum T.
  • I met Kru when I needed treatment following a MVA. I received treatment for approximately 4 months. During that time Kru was always very professional but also very personable. He made my recovery his primary concern, but it never felt "clinical". He took the time to get to know me as a person, not just a patient. He is not only a very skilled physiotherapist, he is genuinely a kind, caring, compassionate person.

    I would highly recommend Kru if you are in need of a physiotherapist! If ever I am in need of physio in the future, Kru will be the first one I call!

    - Tami K.
  • Kru is the the man I love to hate! He puts me through my paces but he is the only one who has been able to do anything about the pain in my shoulder. In only a few short weeks he has performed a miracle and I haven’t felt pain free in months until now. Highly recommend this evil genius!!

    - Lisa B.
  • Newly opened Stride Sport and Physiotherapy, is the place to be getting your physio and rehabilitation done at. I'm one of the very first clients getting rehabilitated in this clinic. I have an excellent opinion and a great working experience with one of the physiotherapists for sometime now. And definitely, I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable and an experienced physiotherapist. The center is well-equipped with new sport equipment, as well new beds and furniture. The ladies in the front desk are nice, kind and overall very professional. Come and check it out, I bet you will be impress……….

    - Moses Elijah H.
  • Came here after my car accident. Front staff were very kind and helpful, at Stride the staff go the extra mile to make you feel welcome and cared for. I was able to use all facilities in their clinic from Physio treatments, Message, Acupuncture and the use of the gym when needed. Nicole is an excellent and skilled message therapist she was able to release tension in my neck. Kru and Ritesh both have excellent techniques and proper methods to help relief pain and allowed me to feel functional and better again in my day to day tasks. Overall coming to Physiotherapy for many is not an enjoyable experience but being able to go there and receive excellent service and care allowed me to enjoy my experience and feel better as fast as I could. I would highly recommend this place to my friends in family.

    - Alycia S.
  • I came into Stride with hopes of healing from my foot injury and I was pleasantly surprised when Kru had me walking during our first physiotherapy session. Throughout my treatment, Kru was very knowledgeable and professional. Ritesh also worked with me for one appointment and he very patiently helped me learn a challenging exercise for my foot injury. Anthony, Norine, and the rest of the staff are very kind, caring, and welcoming. Thank you so much to Kru for restoring the mobility in my foot. If you have an injury and are feeling hopeless, Kru and his team are the best people to go to for help. I am so grateful to Kru and his team for making my treatment a very pleasant experience.

    - Loveleen S.
  • Kru was just amazing in treating my lower back. I had been going to another physio therapy for about a year but there was no progress to my lower back injury… Kru’s treatment was fantastic as my faith in physiotherapy was waning…. his treatment ultimately healed my ACL injury as well… I could barely walk without pains, but now I am able to play basketball with barely any pain…

    - Stephen D.
  • My experience with Stride Sports & Physiotherapy has been so awesome! Ritesh is my physiotherapist and he helped me so much with my vertigo. Ritesh was very informative and he would always educate me about my condition, what to do for home care, and always makes sure I follow up with it. He makes sure that I am comfortable during treatment and after treatment as well! Noleen and the other front desk staff has always given me great customer service, they are super friendly and always gives a welcoming atmosphere. On top of that, Rebecca gave a wonderful acupuncture treatment that helped relieve my neck and back pain. The place is so clean, and professional and there's lots of parking available! I would definitely recommend their services to anyone in need! I'm really impressed! :)

    - Natalja E.
  • Ritesh has been my physiotherapist to assist me on the road to recovery after an MVA. He has been very patient in assessing and treating my injuries. If you are looking for a physiotherapist who will take care of you come and see the team at Stride and I highly recommend Ritesh.

    - Basil B.
  • I had Ritesh as my physiotherapist and I must say he is the best ever! He is patient and very helpful and encourages his clients which motivates to want to get better. It was a long journey to recovery, but Ritesh always had a way of making each session better. I would recommend Ritesh to friends and family. Thank you Ritesh for making my recovery journey a pleasant one.

    - Michelle N.
  • Kru has been treating my husband for a few years now and saw major improvements after taking a break frim his physio he started getting really bad shoulder pain and he went back and after 2 visits has already shown so much improvement. I can’t say enough great things about Kru he’s takes his time you can tell he really cares about his patients! My mom just came back from her second visit after we recommended she sees him and she is so happy with her treatments! A week ago she could barley walk now she’s moving so much better and looks forward to her appointments!! Thank you for your great

    - Georgia O.
  • Kru Patel is the best physiotherapist in the Edmonton area! I first met Kru after I was diagnosed with a rare medical condition. Because of the rarity of my diagnosis I needed to find a physiotherapist that was incredibly knowledgable, trustworthy, had a willingness to listen and could guide me through my condition. My sessions with Kru have allowed me to manage my symptoms, improve my overall health and quality of life. You will be in excellent hands with Kru as your physiotherapist.

    - Amanda E.
  • I have been seeing Kru Patel from last couple years for multiple sports Injuries. He is one of the best physiotherapist in Edmonton.He is very knowledgeable, takes time with your first appointment, listen to your problem and guides you to fix it from the root.He is genuinely personable and really cared for my recovery. Multiple injuries from my sports career, I wouldn't be able to enjoy my active lifestyle without his help.I am very excited for his new clinic and can't wait to visit it!

    - Trisha Y.