Have you been suffering from pins and needle sensation in your hands and feet?

Feb26th 2021

Physiotherapy Can Help Improve Your Tingling And Numbness!

The “pins and needles” feeling is often used to describe a loss of sensation, typically in our extremities (towards the hands and feet) and is sometimes colloquially described as having the certain part of your body “fall asleep”. There are several reasons as to why we may experience pins and needles, with the most common being trapped nerves, or a decrease in blood circulation. Some chronic conditions can also bring on this sensation. We will discuss how we can improve yout tingling and numbness with physiotherapy.

What Causes Tingling And Numbness?

Influence on our nerves or “trapped nerves” result when we have added pressure or compression to the nervous system structures. Tissue inflammation is an acute response by the body to an injury. When the tissue and structures surrounding a nerve become inflamed, this added pressure can cause the pins and needles feeling. A trapped nerve refers to a reduction in the ability of our nerves to move freely in space. Physio can help with reducing inflammation, and working on regaining freedom of movement for the nerve structures.

A reduction of blood circulation is another probable cause for the pins and needles feeling. Thoracic outlet syndrome, muscle imbalance, and tightness throughout our postural muscles, can all result in this decreased circulation. Just as tissue inflammation can apply pressure to nerves and cause pain, a reduction in the blood supply to the nerves can also bring about the numbness and tingling feeling. Although a loss of circulation leads to the pins and needles feeling, it is often times just a symptom of a bigger problem.

Discover the benefits of PT today

Our clinic’s physiotherapists, can help with determining what the root cause of the decrease in circulation is, and we can provide strategies to help relieve the numbness and tingling, and restore circulation.

Finally, chronic disease such as diabetes mellitus can have associated vascular and neurological symptoms. In addition to treatment strategies to manage the symptoms, our clinic’s physiotherapy team will ensure that you receive the proper education surrounding these chronic conditions.

A physiotherapist will also collaborate with other health professionals to ensure that you get the best of care. Patients are encouraged to be active participants in their treatment plan. All around, physiotherapy at Stride Sports & Physiotherapy is designed to improve your health and help you engage in your regular activities.