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Category: Fitness & Health

Team Mar10th 2020

Harsh Shah, Physiotherapist

CREDENTIALS: Physiotherapist Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion (Honours)Harsh is able to provide treatment in English, Gujarati, and Hindi.

Mar10th 2020

Bryce Snow, Physiotherapist

Originally from Edmonton Bryce is a recent graduate from the University of Alberta Physical Therapy program with further background in kinesiology. Throughout the course of his studies Bryce spent a great deal of time working with cancer survivors through the Cancer Rehabilitation Clinic at the U of A and the Cross Cancer Institute where he learned to always be open and receptive to what his patients have to say. He also worked as a personal trainer with a range of athletes from weekend warriors, weightlifters, and varsity athletes.Bryce’s treatment philosophy is built on open communication, manual therapy, exercise, and collaboration with patients from the first time they meet.

Maddi Fonteyne Jan24th 2020

Maddi Fonteyne, Exercise Therapist

CREDENTIALS: Exercise Therapist Student at the University of Alberta (Kinesiology)Maddi is currently a student at the University of Alberta with a focus on obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology. After this milestone, she plans on advancing in Physiotherapy.